Olson’s Animal Hospital believes that no pet should undergo any surgery without the benefit of pain relief or individual attention to their unique needs. Your pet will receive all of the following:

– An individual “bed” in our recovery area

– Safe anesthetic agents chosen for your pet’s breed, age, and health status

– Anesthetic monitoring of heart rate, EKG, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation

– Heated surgery table or warm water blanket to maintain body heat

– Sterile surgical supplies, suture material, and surgical staples (when needed)

– Age and breed appropriate pain relief medication


Olson’s recommends a variety of options to make your pet as safe as possible. They include: pre-anesthetic blood work, age/breed specific diagnostics (EKG screening of the heart), IV catheter, IV fluids, and pain medications to go home.

During the pre-anesthetic appointment all of the details of the procedures are discussed, estimates for the visit finalized, pre-anesthetic blood work is taken, and all questions are answered.